We love beach weddings and this is a perfect example of why. Kate was married in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and had a beautiful vacation getaway wedding! Kate answered a few questions about her lovely day….

1. How did you meet your fiance?

We were set up by one of my best friends (who was our officiant) when I had a layover in Salt Lake City, Utah (where Mike lived).  I had one night there on my way to Seattle from New York City (where I lived).  We met at her dinner party, played Rock Band, had a wonderful night with a ton of laughs, went swimming the next day, and then I was gone.  I thought he was a total dream, and he encouraged me to re-route my trip back to NYC through Salt Lake City.  What was going to be 2 brief days ended up as a romantic, amazing week and then I found myself moving to Salt Lake about a year and a half later!

2.  Could you tell us a bit about the venue you chose for your wedding?
We were married on the beach on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  We really wanted to make a long weekend/vacation out of the wedding for everyone, so the location was very important to us.  After searching on the internet for 1 million hours, I found this island and we decided it would be a perfect fit for our wedding and our guests.  The wedding site itself was beach/rustic, with huge palm trees coming through the sand right up to the water front.  You could see the twinkling lights of Cancun across the water and the sun set right after our ceremony.  It was perfect.

3. What was the best part of your wedding day?
The ceremony was very special and beautiful.  We had written our own vows, and our officiant, Lexie, wrote a personalized and amazing ceremony that could only be done with the insight of a dear friend.  Mike’s vows took my breath away.  They were charming and intimate, funny and incredibly touching.  Sharing our feelings in front of loving family and friends felt both natural and sacred.  So, so awesome.

4. Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might
not have noticed?

I think they speak for themselves!  We had the experience of a lifetime, and I think it is a testament to our photographer, Phil Chester (philchester.com), as he was able to capture the feeling.  The dancing photos are to die for!

5. Was there anything surprising about how your wedding day unfolded?

We knew it would be hot, and I expected a crazy cousin or four to jump in the ocean.  However, our wedding party had some sweet little tricks up their sleeves and made a plan to charge the dance floor after the first dance wearing Mexican wrestling masks (that we had given them as gifts) and the boys were all shirtless.  It was beautiful!  As we danced for literally 4 and half hours (yup) and the heat was not quitting, a multitude of people went in the ocean in various states of undress, both men and women, some even cutting their dress pants into shorts with a knife from the bar.  We wanted a real party to celebrate our marriage, and we got one.  YES!

Thanks to Thanks to Phil Chester www.philchester.com for sharing these images!