Erin had such a fun fiesta wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They were married right on the beach and stayed at the resort with family and friends for a wonderful vacation. Erin took some time to answer questions about her wedding day….

1. We met at a BBQ restaurant in NYC called Hill Country. We were both invited to a mutual friend’s birthday party. Kyle had just moved to the city from a stint in Paris, France and I had been living in Brooklyn for a couple of years. We sat next to each other at the restaurant and since we were getting along so well we made plans to go to the beach that weekend. However, those initial plans fell through and it wasn’t until a year later that we actually starting dating. Our first date being a trip to Rockaway Beach.

2.  We were married at The Reef Resort Playacar in beautiful Playa del
Carmen, Mexico.  We really liked the resort because even though it is a
fairly large resort it is broken into small buildings tucked into a
rainforest-like setting.  We also planned our wedding to be around the
Thanksgiving holiday.  We knew that this might pose a problem for some of
our friends and family, but for others it was great because they already
had time-off of work and could make coming to Mexico a real vacation.  With
a small group of our friends and family (and even some pool-side onlookers)
we were married right on the beach just before sunset.

3.  Other than the actual ceremony and our insane dance party that ensued
afterwards (sorry I don't have any photos of that)...I think my favorite
part of the day would have to be getting ready with my friends and Mom.  I
had a great group of ladies helping me look my best for my special day and
I couldn't be more appreciative of their help.  From getting my hair just
right, to my make-up, to tying the perfect bows...and who could forget
those false eyelashes.  va-va-voom.
Hhhmmm...could you tell how windy it was?!  The weather was PERFECT
the entire week leading up to the wedding.  Then some strong winds blew in,
but luckily for us the rain didn't begin until the next day.  My
could not have been more perfect.  It flowed beautifully in the wind.
5.  Although, I do consider myself a big time planner...I really enjoyed
not having to worry about too many of the details.  The wedding
coordinators at the resort assured me that we would be able to figure out
all the details when i got down there...2 days before the ceremony!!  This
made me very anxious at first, but once I realized there was little that I
could actually plan from my apartment in Brooklyn I decided to just go with
the flow and figure it out when we got there.  As I was assured, everything
worked out perfectly and the whole thing went off without a hitch!!
We were having sooooo much fun at the resort with our friends and
family, we both realized that we didn't want to leave early for our
mini-moon in Tulum while everyone was still in Playa del Carmen having such
a great time.  So we had to do a real quick switcheroo of rooms and let the
manager at Playa Mambo in Tulum know that we would be a day later than
expected.  Our friends and family were thrilled when we ran back down to
the pool and said we were staying one more day!

Thanks to Cocoa Blue photography ( for sharing these photographs!