Jacquelyn had the perfect New York wedding! All the elements of her wedding were beautiful, and she took some time to answer questions for us….

1. How did you meet your fiance?

We worked at the same company but in different departments. that summer a lot of people were hired around the same time and since we were all new to the city, we all went out constantly! it was so much fun and relaxed getting to know each other in a group setting before we started officially dating.
2. Where did you get married? What can you tell us about the venue?
Our venue was a bar/gastropub in dumbo called rebar. it has an eclectic downtown feel that complemented our style really well. it has lots of interesting touches in the space: a large bar area, a graffiti-ed lounge with tv, full movie theater using recycled minivan seats (the kids were very happy in there), and most importantly a big dancefloor! the setting was also ideal, with great architecture everywhere for photo ops (the two bridges, cobblestone streets, & brooklyn bridge park).
3. Why did you chose to do a NYC wedding?
It had to be brooklyn in the end! we live here and we loved the idea of sharing some of our favorite places with friends and family. my parents compromised by hosting a separate wedding banquet in the bay area a couple months later. :)

4. What was the best part of your wedding day?
At the very end of the night, the dj played ‘is this love’ one last time. all of our friends and family surrounded us in an impromptu group hug and we danced around in circles. it was such an exhilarating last dance!

5. Was there anything surprising about how your wedding day unfolded?
We were pretty disorganized so lots of things were surprising. the most regrettable one was that the first dance song turned out to be the wrong version, so i made the dj cut it short — so our first dance lasted about 15 seconds! the funniest one was that the petals i was going to use were visible through my dress so i had to use bandaids at the last minute.

Thank you to Erica Beckman of Clean Plate Pictures http://cleanplatepictures.com/