We absolutely love Heather’s New York wedding! She was married at Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg and took some time to share the lovely details with us….

1. How did you meet your fiance? 
I was out at Union Pool in Brooklyn and he approached me while waiting for drinks at the bar - but I totally blew him off!  Luckily he was not easily deterred, a little while later he showed up kneeling next to our table with a box of chocolates and tried again.  It worked :)

2. Where did you get married? What can you tell us about the venue?
We got married in a little park on the Williamsburg waterfront named Grand Ferry Park and then walked a block up the street with our guests to Aurora for an amazing meal, dancing, etc.  We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better spot for the reception.  The place required zero ‘decorating’ effort, it is already amazing.  The staff were really into what they were doing and seemed to be enjoying themselves while at the same time serving up what felt like a 12 course family style meal complete with wine pairings for our 75 guests.  Pretty impressive.  Sprout Home, which is right down the street did beautiful fresh blooms all along the long dinner tables.  And we had a really fun local band, the 4th Street Night Owls, for music afterwards!

3. Why did you chose to do a NYC wedding?
We love living in Brooklyn and wanted to celebrate this next step in our relationship in a way was really grounded in the way we live and the things we enjoy.  I love that the places which now hold such great memories for us with our friends and family (many of which traveled from out of state) are very accessible to us as part of our normal daily lives together.

4. What was the best part of your wedding day?
For us, the ceremony was the best part.  It was absolutely exhilarating to stand up in front of our friends and family (and a handful of other sweet onlookers who happened to be enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the park) and say our vows to each other.  We have a few talented musician friends who played the violin / guitar / shaker while I walked into the park with my Dad.  No bridal party or anything, just Keith and I and a dear friend who officiated.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

5. Was there anything surprising about how your wedding day unfolded?
Planning a wedding is stressful, even though we had tried our hardest to keep it as simple as possible, I still expected there to be stress.  But there wasn’t!  We truly enjoyed ourselves the whole way through!