Today's post comes from Caitlin's lovely intimate wedding in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We are a big fan of 
wedding pies and were so happy when Caitlin sent us her photographs. She answered a few questions for 

1. How did you meet your fiancé?
We met while living in Austin through mutual friends. At some point
after we'd met, we were at a party where he was cooking sausages by pouring
beer over them, and later that night he sang songs from the movie Newsies
with me (and knew every word); we didn't start dating for a long time after
that, but that was the moment he was on my radar.

2. Why did you chose to have pies at your wedding instead of a cake/what is 
your favorite kind of pie?
I've always been a pie instead of cake kind of girl. That was one of the
very first things I knew I wanted for the wedding, before we'd actually
started planning anything else. I love all kinds of pie, but because
Charles proposed while we were picking apples the year before, we had to
have apple pies!

3. Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might not 
have noticed?

How cozy or small-budget our wedding was! We had the ceremony and
reception with only about 40 people at a coffee shop/wine bar a few blocks
from our apartment in Greenpoint, and almost all our vendors were friends
who gave us amazing discounts (or freebies!). The coffee shop was open
until about an hour or two before the actual ceremony, and all of our
friends ended up helping get the space ready when they showed up. My gay
bestie coordinated the whole thing, and even our officiant was our good
friend from Austin.
Also, our first dance was to R Kelly's "When a Woman Loves" playing out of
a boombox that our friend held up over his head, "Say Anything"-style.

4. What was your favorite part of the day?
The greatest part for me was the ceremony itself, which was, funnily
enough, the part we spent the least amount of time planning. We wrote the
whole thing, and our friend added some really wonderful personal touches
that made it incredibly special. We both almost broke down crying reading
our vows, and our officiant had to stop and compose himself so that he
didn't lose it at one point. At the end I turned to see all our friends,
and they were all crying too. It was a really beautiful and really
emotional moment. My best friend who I've known since we were 10 couldn't
stop sobbing the rest of the evening; we have some really hilarious
pictures of her trying to get it together.

5. Any advice for future brides planning their wedding? 
Honestly, I was not that in love with the planning, although I know some
brides love it. We tried so incredibly hard to keep our wedding small and
simple, and I still got more stressed about it than I have ever been in my
life; it just took over. One night when I was freaking out about earrings,
my married friend told me, "Honestly, when you get there and you see him,
none of this will matter..." and she was so right. One of the details I got
really wound up about was the cake-topper (for the pies); I spent crazy
hours on etsy obsessing about it. When I got to the venue and was walking
toward the backyard for the ceremony, I saw that the tiny "Mr & Mrs" banner
had ended up on the vegan sandwiches instead of a pie. That was the moment
I realized that it just didn't matter. And so I'd say, don't get bogged
down in the tiny details. Remember that you're there to marry the love of
your life, not have the perfect cake topper.
Thank you to Caitlin Casella ( for sharing these photographs!

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