Today we are so happy to post some questions about Cathrine’s lovely wedding. Cathrine was really creative and had a lot of DIY projects for her wedding. She filled us in on the beautiful touches she added to her wedding….

1. We love how you really got involved with your wedding, can you tell us more about the DIY details you worked on?

Tom and I are creative people. He’s an artist and I’ve always been a crafter so it seemed natural that we would want to design and create a lot of the wedding elements ourselves. We made all the papergoods: invitations, service sheets, thank you cards, favours, the guestbook which consisted of leaves cut from cardboard that could be signed and paper-clipped to their photobooth photo. The overall theme tying everything together was our logo of a eucalyptus leaf and oak leaf joined together, which represents my Australian and his English roots and also my/our love for trees.

2. Could you tell us specifically about the paper flowers you created?

I made two types of paper flowers; one for table decorations and another for our bouquets. But sorry, no photos of the process! :( The first were origami flowers that I simply loved when I saw them in an Etsy store. So I hunted down the instructions online and set to work. I became obsessed with paper and would look in art stores, opp shops and newsagents for pretty pieces of paper to turn into flowers. I organised a couple of craft days with my four bridesmaids (many hands make light work!) and we made loads of flowers while watching cliche wedding movies. I had read so many times that the best way to avoid stress and burn out in DIY weddings was to get help so I did that as much as possible! We made over 150 in the end. The instructions for the flowers can be found here:

The second type of flowers were made based on instructions I bought from Sunny & Stumpy, an Etsy store (here: They took more than an hour per flower and were definitely the most labour intensive DIY detail. Again my bridesmaids were amazing and would stay back longer than I anticipated to keep helping. Lots of love was poured into making them and I got so many compliments about them on the day. As a thank you to the girls for all their hard work, I had little ceramic lace hearts ( made and attached them to each bouquet with the date and our initials on the back for them to keep with the flowers.


3. How did you meet your fiancé?

He was a youth group leader at a church I had just begun to attend and his last day was my first day! I met him in passing and thought I’d never see him again but we kept bumping into each other at church activities during the year. We didn’t connect straight away but he likes to say how hard he chased me and won me over. In the end, it was only a matter of time before we started dating because the more I got to know him, the more I grew to love him and his crazy sense of humour.

4. Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might not have noticed?

This isn’t a DIY detail but we have wooden wedding rings! It was a crazy idea that I had because I don’t often wear jewelry and don’t like gold or silver or metal jewelry very much and thought it would be nice to have a wedding ring that I could feel connected to. We got the rings from Simply Wood Rings. I was thrilled when Tom agreed to it.  (

5. What was your favorite part of the process?
What I enjoyed most was seeing it all come together and seeing our friends and family enjoy everything we had worked so hard to create. For example, the origami flowers that we made for the tables ended up adorning people’s hair, button holes, and pockets. I was left with hardly any after the wedding because so many were taken home! I love that our friends and family loved them so much they could not resist taking them home.

Thanks to Marzena Wasilewska ( for sharing these lovely photographs!

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