Amanda and Andrew’s wedding looks intimate and full of fun! We’re loving the sash she paired with her Saja Dress. Thank you very much to both Dulce Baron Photography and Meghan Hall Photography ( for sharing! Congratulations, to a beautiful bride!!

Lena is one of our Saja Brides Abroad… and a beautiful one at that!

Check out our Saja Wedding Blog ( for more photos and details!!

Lindsay looks absolutely stunning on her wedding day! We loved the way her long veil looked with her Saja gown, so elegant! Lindsay and the groom are just beaming with smiles. Congratulations to the lovely couple! Thanks to for sharing these images!

Our bride, Kathryn was lucky enough to have her wedding in two parts. The first, pictured here, took place in sunny paradise with only a couple friends present. She mentioned it was difficult to get a professional photographer to come all the way to Vanuatu, so we’re very thankful to Pascalle from Eratap Resort for snapping these amazing shots of their intimate ceremony. Kathryn is the epitome of a South Pacific beach goddess!! She and her groom recently celebrated with the rest of their family and friends with a boat party on the River Thames and we were thrilled to hear that she was able to wear her Saja dress again! Best wishes to this lovely couple!!

We’re absolutely loving these photos our bride Kristen’s woodland wedding. At 4.5 months pregnant, she had her concerns about fitting a dress. Not only did the dress accomodate it beautifully, but Kristen is truly glowing. Thank you so much to Liam Maloney Photography ( for capturing it so beautifully! Congratulations, Kristen… We wish you and your new family all the best!

Panida is truly breathtaking in these photos of her delicate garden wedding. We absolutely love the way she paired such soft blooms against the lush and exotic backdrop at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Thank you so much to Your Story By Us Photography ( and a huge congratulations to Panida and Cliff!

Kathryn is truly glowing in these photos of her wedding day. She looks absolutely stunning, and so full of love. Thank you Gary and Aneta Photography ( for capturing these moments and sharing! Congratulations, Kathryn! We wish you all the best!

Today’s photos have us dreaming of the Irish countryside. Serena Severtson and Sarah Park Events partnered up with a simple vision of “Emerald,” and incorporated elements of Ireland to create this amazing styled shoot. We’re loving the inspiration here and the Saja LD6015 dress translates their concept so beautifully. Check out the rest of the shoot here!

Our bride, Emma is striking in these photos from her wedding day. This hillside backdrop made for quite the beautiful venue and we’re loving that belt she paired with her Saja dress! Thank you so much to Joel Boucher Photography ( for sharing. Congratulations again, Emma!!

We always love getting wedding photos, but today we’re proud to share some special words from one of our brides…

From Andrea
"Thank you for your help in the process of finding this dress. My shopping experience with you was perfectly against-type of what I thought I could expect in our "say yes to the dress" wedding industry. You were positive, happy to help but not to push, and enthusiastic about my experience - there was such a nice energy in the boutique, and it quashed any anxieties I might have had on that day. My experience at Saja also helped to set the tone for the positive and laid back tone of our whole wedding journey. Thanks for being part of it."

You are very welcome, Andrea! We want to thank you for letting us take part in your special mother/daughter trip to NYC. It’s brides like you (and moms!) that highlight what we love most about our jobs and we are so happy to hear the experience was equally as meaningful on your end. A special thank you to Phillipa C. Photography ( for sharing these images, and a huge congratulations to such a lovely bride!